Rewards and benefits

The personal rewards and benefits of becoming a foster care differ from person to person.

For some it is seeing a foster child thrive under your care and go on to live their dreams – be that college, university, job or travelling.

For others it is a surprise Christmas card or wedding invitation from someone you cared for when they were a child, who remembers the difference you made.

Then there are the simple things – the foster child who sits to enjoy a meal with the rest of the family, watching them run along the sand down the beach, seeing them settle down for a peaceful night of sleep and dreams for the first time.

We can list or prescribe what the rewards of fostering will be for you. They will be for you to discover and enjoy.

What we can promise is:

  • A detailed and thorough application and assessment process to ensure you have made the right choices for you and your family.
  • An intuitive and flexible placement process, ensuring we place children in the best-possible homes.
  • Weekly fees and allowances.
  • Extensive training and professional qualifications opportunities.
  • Out of hours support.
  • Dedicated social worker for you.
  • Dedicated social worker for child.
  • Membership of the Fostering Network, which is a national network for fostering, foster carers and the children they assist.
  • Support from other foster carers, professionally and socially, including mentoring and coffee mornings.
  • Free Leisure for Life all-inclusive leisure membership for you, a partner (or friend) and your children.